TTemulator is a powerful WAP emulator!

TTemulator is a web based WAP emulator which acts like a real WAP device. It gives you the possibility to browse WAP sites and see how they look like on a real phone. It supports WML 1.1. standard and even WML script.

Surf with TTemulator here:

http:// Go!

Free version of TTemulator
Read more about TTemulator

No download required!

TTemulator is not a client application and doesn't not require any download - it is a server component and it only sends HTML data to client's browser.


  • no download required for your web site visitors
  • fast (only plain HTML data are transferred)
  • phone skin can be changed to suit your need
  • location for home button can be changed
  • lots of WML elements supported!

TTemulator is free. You can pick from 3 different skins. Read the document explaining how to include it on your website.

How it works?

TTemulator reads a WAP site page, converts it to HTML format and sends it back to the browser. This way you are able to browse WAP sites with your browser without having to buy a real WAP device.

Application type:

CGI, developed in C++ language

Platforms supported:

  • Windows
  • Solaris
  • Linux

WML elements supported:

  • forms supported
  • text formatting (all)
  • links (a, anchor)
  • pictures
  • variables (all, attribute for URL escaping var: e is ignored)
  • tasks (all - go, prev, refresh, noop)
  • events (all except 'onenterbackward')
  • timer
  • templates
  • user input (both tags, input and select); input tag attributes supported: name, type, value, title; select tag: iname and ivalue are not supported
  • WML script