We give some our tools for free! DotColor 3.0 for graphics designers, DotWAP 2.0 for those who build wap sites and DotSi 2.0 for those who like to keep up-to-date with latest happenings around the world or information on internet web sites.


DotColor 3.0

Perfect tool for web designers. It's small, it's fast, and it's very useful! With DotColor you can zoom any area of the screen, you can examine the color of the pixels under cursor, you can even copy part of the screen on the clipboard. If you ever wanted to know how your HTML page looks on a different background, you can try this with color mixer and change certain pixels on your screen to a different color!


  • small, normal, large size
  • 3 levels of screen zoom
  • hex, decimal or CMYK color values
  • normal, websafe, gray or inverse colors
  • color mixer

Download DotColor 3.0
(Windows, ZIP file, 38kb)

Download DotColor 3.0
(Windows, Setup file, 375kb)


DotSi 2.5

DotSi 2.5 is a client program which runs in your tray and gathers information from different channels you select [cnn, bbc, linux channels, etc.]. It can popup when it finds new arcticles or just change its icon in case you don't want it to disturb you.

Using DotSi you will know what is happening in areas of your interest!

DotSi comes in Slovenian version only but it can be translated into any language upon your request.

Download DotSi 2.5
(Windows, 512kb)