April 2012

Inetis has implemented credit card customization system for NLB. System enables customization of credit cards with clients' photos and custom drawings on credit card.


August 2011

Celje Fair Plc organises trade fairs and other events. Inetis has immplemented new portal and back office system for the company Celje Fair Plc.


April 2010

NLB Vita the largest bank insurance company in Slovenia has launched new portal. Inetis has implemented web interface for the portal and life insurance product calculators.


October 2009

Inetis has implemented Runners' portal tek.si (in Slovenian). Portal caters for news, information, and advice for runners, from running equipment reviews to training techniques to races and marathons.


January 2009

Inetis has implemented NLB Borza, the premier Slovenian financial portal that provides streaming quotes, charts, news and data for Slovenian stock market.


November 2008

Inetis has launched ClipClip.me portal, where you can create and download custom mobile photos in just three easy steps.


February 2008

Inetis has implemented EnKa loyalty scheme portal introduced by NLB. EnKa supports loyalty programs on credit and debit cards. Registered users can access their current loyalty status and benefits on the EnKa webpage.


December 2007

New version of TagTag.com portal launched. In addition to mobile sites, pictures, ringtones and mobile games several new features were added. TagTag Cam enables commiting pictures from your webcam to your mobile site. Users can also create mobile albums. Avvid blogers can write mobile blogs on TagTag.com. Number of registered users exceeded 1 million.


January 2006

TagTag.com portal operated by Inetis Ltd has reached 800,000 registered users mark. Tagtag is currently hosting over 300.000 wap sites. TagTag hosts free ringtones, wallpapers and java games for mobile phones. Users can create their own WAP sites and upload own ringtones and wallpapers to TagTag.


September 2005

Inetis has completed Market maker segment trading portal for Republic of Slovenia state bonds. The system is operated by Ljubljana Stock Exchange.


May 2005

Inetis has completed portal of Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Information about securities, various statistics, charts, and general information about capital market in Slovenia is presented.


January 2005

Banking portal of Nova Ljubljanska banka has been awarded Izidor award for the best financial web site in Slovenia.


May 2004

TagTag.com portal operated by Inetis Ltd has reached 300,000 registered users mark. TagTag is firmly positioned as one of the most popular mobile portals in the world. TagTag hosts free ringtones, wallpapers and java games for mobile phones. Users can create their own WAP sites and upload own ringtones and wallpapers to TagTag.


October 2003

Inetis has completed SEM - The Stock Exchange Monitor portal. SEM is an informational platform of the Stock Exchanges of SE Europe. 2,000 securities and more than 170 brokerage houses are presented at SEM. Portal caters for the information about trading rules, markets, legislation as well as charts and data about securities traded, various indicators, trading summaries and all the basic information covering the activities of the participant Stock Exchanges.


January 2003

Banking portal of Nova Ljubljanska banka has been awarded NETKO award for the best web site in Slovenia.


September 2002

Inetis, in cooperation with Creatim Ržišnik&Perc market communications agency, has developed banking portal for Nova Ljubljanska banka, ranking amongst the 10 largest banks in Central Europe. Portal features wizards for loan, deposit and credit card selection, personalization, back-office administration, and portal Content Management system.


January 2002

Merkur online store wins NETKO award on Net@conference.si as best web site in Slovenia!


January 2002

Mobitel licenced TagTag service which is a part of Mobitel's Pinkponk.com portal. Their users are now able to create their own wap pages.


January 2002

Inetis Ltd. in cooperation with Ljubljana Stock Exchange Inc. has developed SEOnet - an electronic information distribution system for price sensitive information. More info


November 2001

Inetis Ltd. in cooperation Tutor Team Ltd. has developed a service called Avto zavaruj for shopping for auto insurance over the Internet.


Maj 2001

Redesigned Merkur online store with personalization, enhanced offer and advices from experts.


April 2001

Inetis Ltd. has become Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner.


December 2000

More than 25,000 WAP sites created with TagTag.


August 2000

TTemulator - stand-alone WAP emulator available for licencing!


July 2000

Nextra Norway licences TagTag.