Inetis focuses on sophisticated, mission-critical web applications and applications for mobile world.

We are programming languages, databases, and operating systems agnostic - we just like to get our job done.

Take a look at (1,200,000 registered users), Ljubljana Stock Exhange, NLB and others.

Latest news

April 2012

Inetis has implemented credit card customization system for NLB. System enables customization of credit cards with clients' photos and custom drawings on credit card.

August 2011

Celje Fair Plc organises trade fairs and other events. Inetis has immplemented new portal and back office system for the company Celje Fair Plc.

April 2010

NLB Vita the largest bank insurance company in Slovenia has launched new portal. Inetis has implemented web interface for the portal and life insurance product calculators.

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